MAFP Response to Insurrection & Commitment to Antiracism Work

This month’s violent insurrection—with symbols of white supremacy on display—has been deeply troubling and unsettling for many of our members, leaders and patients. The challenge presented to our democracy is another reminder that in order to achieve health equity we all need to be active participants against racism and advocates for equal rights, equal protection under the law and equal access to public programs, services and opportunities for ALL people.

The impact of racism and the difficulties, disparities and mental toll of the COVID-19 pandemic are straining the mental and physical health of our members and patients. The recent, tragic death of Susan Moore, MD, our colleague from Indiana, underscores the need for action. If a Black physician recognizes and reports that they are not receiving adequate care, and still has a tragic outcome, how will patients who do not have the advantage of medical knowledge advocate for and receive equitable, necessary care?

We can and MUST call out racism and health inequities in medicine, in our government, in our neighborhoods. We need to actively work to root out the systemic issues where we live, learn, work and play.

As an organization, we certainly do not have all the answers. But, we are fighting, on behalf of our members and their patients, for health equity through an organization-wide commitment to antiracism work and continued education for Minnesota family physicians. We are striving to use an equity lens in the policy decisions that we make and are working to ensure that the diversity of our membership and communities is represented in the decision-making at the Minnesota Academy of Family Physicians.

We desire justice, healing, forward movement and positive change. We want to be an organization that listens and acts on behalf of our members and their patients. We want to work towards a healthier Minnesota for ALL people.

Thank you to our family physician members across the state, who are working on the front line of the pandemic and pushing us to continue to grow and work towards a more just Minnesota.

One thought on “MAFP Response to Insurrection & Commitment to Antiracism Work

  1. I recently communicated with a Representative in the MN Legislature on this issue.
    Here is part of what I said:
    “During the last few years I have thought a lot about racism and bias and lack of equity in our communities. I am inclined to believe the racism we see is not simply white people discriminating against colored people but actually the privileged discriminating against the vulnerable. The african-americans and the new immigrants are weak and vulnerable so established society (the privileged) takes advantage of that. There is an unfortunate inclination in many humans to elevate oneself at the expense of someone else. Take India as an example. Pakistan formed because of religious intolerance.
    What is my point? Our goal needs to be a society that treats all people fairly. At the present we do need to work on racial bias but in the longer run we need to deal with the inequalities which occur as a result of many factors including race, social status, economic status, religion, country of origin etc.”

    With respect to medical care it is clear to me that we cannot achieve equity in healthcare without UNIVERSAL, AFFORDABLE health care. As long as we have a healthcare situation which drives people into bankruptcy and delays care because of fear for its cost we will not have equity.

    Let’s get the problem fixed.

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