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Support Local Advocacy

Take action on proposed legislation and/or get plugged into advocacy at the local level.

Advocate for Primary Care & Family Medicine

Respond to Proposed Legislation or Rule/Ordinance Changes

Find out who represents you and how to contact your legislative representatives.

Hear from the Academy & Members on Important Issues

Topic: Physician Burnout
Topic: Reproductive Health Care
TopicS: Race in Medicine & Racism
Topics: Medical Education & Graduate Medical Education
Topic: COVID-19 Pandemic
Topic: Single-Payer Health Care
Topic: Direct Primary Care

Get Involved in the MAFP

Become a delegate and represent your local chapter of the Minnesota Academy of Family Physicians (MAFP) at the House of Delegates, our annual business meeting and policy-setting session. Serve on the MAFP board of directors and/or join an MAFP committee, task force and/or advisory group and help guide the MAFP’s work.

Advocate at a national level

Want to get involved? Not sure where to start? Contact Jami Burbidge, chief operating officer of the MAFP.

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