COVID-19 Vaccines: Safety & Effectiveness

We recognize there is A LOT of information out there regarding COVID-19 vaccines. It can feel overwhelming; and, unfortunately, not all of it is accurate.

Here’s what we know: vaccines are safe, effective and our number one tool at preventing serious illness and death related to COVID-19.

This post includes links to resources and trusted sources on vaccine safety, effectiveness and FAQs.

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We Need You to Join the Fight Against the Delta Variant

The Delta variant is now the dominant strain across Minnesota (and the U.S.): it’s more contagious and may cause more severe illness than past variants (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). We are seeing infections and hospitalizations increasing again—and, in turn, our health system is being strained.

We know many of you are SO tired and have done your part in the past to limit the spread and fight this pandemic. Unfortunately, the more people in our communities who don’t do their part, the more the virus will mutate (change) and cause problems for all of us.

Once again, we’re hearing from family physicians across Minnesota: They are tired. They are struggling. They are fighting for you. But, they need YOU to join the fight!

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We Must Do Something About Physician Burnout, Depression & Suicide

In the past four months, the Twin Cities physician community has lost several of our own to suicide. Tragically, we are not alone—about 300-400 physicians in the U.S. die each year from suicide, with physicians facing a suicide risk nearly 2-3 times higher than the general population.

Now more than ever, it’s critical for health care clinics/hospitals/systems, payers, physicians and more to come together to address burnout and the increase in physician suicide. Not only do we need to normalize physicians seeking help for mental health concerns and remove stigma and punishments, but we also need to recognize that our healers are human too and they need support like everyone else.

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