Family Docs Make Day at the Capitol a Success

Forty Minnesota Academy of Family Physician (MAFP) members attended the Day at the Capitol, hosted by the Minnesota Medical Association, on March 4, joining with more than 150 physicians, residents and medical students from across the state.

Attendees had the chance to hear from Senator Matt Klein, MD (DFL – Sunfish Lake), a hospitalist at HCMC, and Representative Kelly Morrison, MD (DFL – Deephaven), an OB/GYN, two of four physicians currently serving in the Minnesota legislature.

Representative Morrison spoke about the legislation she authored to reform the prior authorization system as well as her strong support for increasing vaccination rates, reducing firearm injury and death and raising the age to purchase tobacco and nicotine products to 21 to align with federal law. She also talked about the importance of physician engagement in the legislative process and encouraged any physician interested in running for office to contact her.

In addition to hearing from physician legislators, attendees received an update on key legislative issues and talking points to share with their legislators.

Following the program, physicians, residents and medical students fanned out throughout the Capitol complex to lobby their individual legislators.

Take Action // Engage Your Legislators

Jami Burbidge, MAM, the MAFP director of member engagement, can help members schedule a meeting with their legislator(s), either at the Capitol or in their community. This is critical to ensure that the MAFP voice is heard on issues that matter most to family docs.

Email Jami to arrange a meeting or learn other ways you can get involved this session.

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