MAFP House of Delegates: What’s New & How to Engage

In the past year, we have seen how technology can be a force for good, bringing people together and increasing opportunities for participation and engagement when travel would normally be required.

At the Minnesota Academy of Family Physicians (MAFP), we want to harness the good of technology to make our programming more accessible for our members. In 2021, we are adding NEW ways to engage in our House of Delegates and make your voice heard in our policies and advocacy work.

What’s New

The two big differences in this year’s House of Delegates include opportunities for ALL MAFP members to:

  • attend one/two all-chapter (online) meetings to collaborate on resolution writing (which sets the policy/direction of the Academy)
  • submit written comments/feedback (online) on any submitted resolution before it advances to the reference committees and is voted on

“I’m very excited about the new format of the House of Delegates! All members can author resolutions and provide written testimony before the meeting. This is a huge win for our out-state family docs who can now participate without taking a day or more for travel. My hope is the virtual asynchronous components will continue in future years, increasing participation from all corners of our state.”

-Bob Jeske, MD, vice speaker of the house, MAFP
“5 Things to Know” about the 2021 MAFP House of Delegates

“The House of Delegates is a chance for members to share experiences, discuss patient/practice issues with colleagues and give direction to the MAFP and AAFP on policy issues.”

-Alex Vosooney, MD, speaker of the house, MAFP

Ways to Engage

1) Author/co-author a resolution.

All MAFP members are invited to submit resolutions online. Resolutions are written motions that set a specific policy and/or direction for the MAFP. You can author a resolution by yourself or collaborate with colleagues.

In addition to offering all-chapter meetings for collaborating on resolutions, the MAFP also has several resources online to guide members through resolution writing.

Submit a resolution (deadline: May 3).

2) Attend an all-chapter meeting.

Within the MAFP, we have several local chapters, which group together physicians in the same regions/areas of the state to work on policies/issues of concern to specific communities. Chapters meet to collaborate on resolution writing for the House of Delegates.

This year, we’re offering two all-chapter meetings online to provide more opportunities for collaboration and engagement for members across the state.

All members are welcome to participate in one or both of these optional meetings at no cost.

3) Submit written commentary.

For the first time, MAFP members will be able to provide written comments or testimony online on any submitted resolution during the open comment period (May 19-26).

The submitted testimony will be compiled and shared with the reference committees and will then be utilized to make recommendations to the full House of Delegates at the June 12 meeting. Of note: There will still be opportunity for debate of reference committee recommendations at the June 12 meeting.

4) Become a voting delegate.

Only MAFP members who are designated as delegates can vote at the House of Delegates meeting on resolutions and elect the Board of Directors.

Delegates represent family medicine residencies in Minnesota, medical schools in Minnesota and our local chapters across the state.

Register to become a delegate (by June 8).

5) Attend the House of Delegates meeting (June 12, 9:00 am-12:00 pm).

At the June 12 meeting (online), delegates vote on resolutions (with time for deliberation) and elect the MAFP Board of Directors.

See the complete meeting details and register to attend.

Members, we want to hear from YOU and ensure the Academy is working on your behalf. We hope you will be able to engage in this year’s process.

Questions? Contact Jami Burbidge, MAM, chief operating officer of the MAFP.

Dates to Know

2019 MAFP House of Delegates, Minneapolis

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