Funding Support for MN Family Docs

Minnesota Academy of Family Physicians (MAFP) President Renée Crichlow, MD, FAAFP, thanks family docs across Minnesota for all the ways they are stepping up during these unprecedented times and shares important information about funding support for health care organizations across the state.

Minnesota Family Docs,

I am writing this, today, to let you know that I’m proud of you. All across Minnesota, I’m hearing reports from people who are stepping up, preparing their clinics, hospitals and communities. Docs helping their neighbors make the right choice by social distancing and advising them how they can Flatten the Curve.

And, what I’m really proud of is how family docs, in their clinics, ERs, and hospitals, are being so creative in addressing challenges. Folks are doing more telehealth, reaching out to dispel myths over social media, setting up IVs in clinics so patients don’t have to go to emergency rooms, etc. You are really finding ways, at a local level, to Flatten the Curve.

As family medicine docs, we hope for the best, prepare for the worst and try to keep our communities calm.

Fighting for Family Docs

At the MAFP, we are working with policymakers to try to address this abominable lack of access to high volume testing and the availability of PPE (personal protective equipment). We know that we need to protect our front line responders better, and we are fighting for you. We are also working to help get you access to funds to help support all of your efforts.

COVID-19 Response Funding

As many of you may know, the Minnesota Legislature recently passed COVID-19 response funding to provide health care grants to support costs related to planning for, preparing for or responding to an outbreak of COVID–19.

The Minnesota Department of Health will be requesting proposals from health care organizations requiring emergency support. See grant request information. You must apply by Wednesday, March 25.

Eligible purposes for emergency funding:

  • Establishing and operating temporary sites to provide testing services, treatment beds or to isolate or quarantine affected individuals.
  • Temporary conversion of space for another purpose that will revert to its original use.
  • Staff overtime and hiring additional staff.
  • Staff training and/or staff orientation.
  • Purchasing consumable protective or treatment equipment or supplies to protect or treat staff, visitors or patients.
  • Developing and implementing screening and testing procedures.
  • Patient outreach activities.
  • Additional emergency transportation of patients.
  • Temporary information technology and systems costs to support patient triage, screening and telemedicine activities.
  • Purchasing replacement parts or filters for medical equipment that are necessary for the equipment’s operation.
  • Specialty cleaning supplies for facilities and equipment.
  • Expenses related to the isolation or quarantine of staff, not including payment of wages for staff being isolated or quarantined.
  • Other expenses that, in the judgment of the commissioner, cannot reasonably be expected to generate income for the recipient of funds after the outbreak ends. 

You are doing the work. You are making us proud. This funding will hopefully help to slow the virus spread.

We are family medicine doctors: we take care of our patients, our communities, each other. Things are going to get worse before they get better. That’s just the way it is; but, there is a path and the only way out is through. This is when they need us.

You are there for your patients, and we, at the MAFP, are there for you.

Let’s do this. Family Medicine Strong.

I believe in you,
Renée Crichlow, MD, FAAFP

2 thoughts on “Funding Support for MN Family Docs

  1. Dear colleagues, I appreciate your recommendations. we need personal protective equipment for the health team


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