Celebrate Immunization Rally Draws Crowd

Vaccine proponents filled the Minnesota State Capitol rotunda on February 18, 2020, to celebrate immunizations and the tremendous public good provided by vaccines.

The event, organized by the Minnesota Childhood Immunization Coalition and co-sponsored by dozens of vaccine advocacy groups, sought to remind legislators that vaccines are safe and effective—and that most Minnesotans strongly support immunizations.

The program featured comments from several health care providers as well as individuals with weakened immune systems who are increasingly at-risk of exposure to dangerous diseases given decreasing rates of vaccination.

Also addressing the group were Senator Chris Eaton (DFL – Brooklyn Center) and Representative Mike Frieberg (DFL – Golden Valley), the authors of bills to strengthen the state’s immunization exemption law by repealing the personal belief exemption currently included in the state’s vaccine requirement. The legislators were joined by several colleagues also supportive of strengthening the law.

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Author: Dave Renner, CAE, legislative rep, @daverenner

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